Sometimes you have to make a decision about your property and the area in which you live. That can be easier said than done, as many of our customers have found out. But when you have us on call, it can be easier!

Let’s start by talking briefly about how the average job might start. First, you have a finite amount of space, and figuring out how to use it can be challenging.

One of those problems revolves around your possessions and any other stuff you accumulate over time – from raw materials to finished products. 

In other words, one of the fundamental questions is: do you fill your space with junk or save it as usable space? Your choice will have a major impact on how you will use your property in the future. 

Junk and Accumulation

One thing that makes this a little difficult is trying to figure out which of your possessions is junk…

It’s not a cut-and-dried science. There’s kind of a gray area. For example, you might have materials that will be useful in the future, but they’re not useful right now. Or you might have items that used to have some collectible value, but they don’t anymore – or in some rare cases, the reverse could be true!

You have items that have sentimental value to you or someone else.

All of that has to go into the equation…

The Problem of Marginal Value

Here’s another way to think about it from an interesting perspective. Our friend told us about this last week.

He was talking about the idea of “marginal value”, that something has a certain amount of value, but it’s not very much.

Your space, he said, has value, too. What if you could open up a new room for living? What’s the value of that?

So we kicked this around for a while and noodled around ideas, and what we found is that many of our customers value the cleanouts because they get more out of the space than they would have out of whatever was stored in there for so long. 

A Good Crew

Here’s another thing we were talking about last week. People actually want to get rid of their junk, but they’re afraid. Why is that?

Well, in part, it’s because strangers are coming into their space. So when you have a crew that knows how to be professional, it really helps.

You see from the website that we operate a clean-cut and professional crew so that people will not get nervous as they open the door. Putting these concerns to rest is important for a company like ours. That’s a little about United Junk Removal and what we do in the Orange County, CA area. Call us for help!

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